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a Marc Matthews Re-Production - 2002
MARC UP - the CD

See write-up under Profiles of Caribbean Artistry

It's humbling to remember how many fine artists contributed in one way or another to the HE-ONE, DEM-TWO & ALL-AH-WE productions throughout the islands during the 70's and 80's. "MARC UP 2002" is dedicated to all those generous Caribbean artists.

OTHER VOICES ("Mountain Say")

  • Ron Robinson - Dramatist/Actor.
  • Richard Naraine - Actor.


  • Eze Rockliffe - Band leader of The Yoruba Singers "Six O'Clock" "Dark Time"
  • Lancelot Layne - Guitar/Singer "Little Red Bird" "Pressure" "Back Home"
  • Philip Nicholls - Keyboard/Sound effects.
  • Carl Richardson - Double Bass
  • Eddie Hooper & Lynette Smith - Guitars/Singers "Who Am I?"
  • Chuck Girard - Bongos/Chorus "Seawall" "By Ba Hai Yah"
  • Ras "Como" Williams - Pan.
  • Keith Waithe - Flute


  • Eddie Hooper - "Who am I?".
  • Chuck Girard - "Ol' Higue Song"
  • Chet Etkins - "Pressure".
  • Andre Tanker - "I come back home"
  • Derek Walcott/Galt McDermott - "Little Red Bird"

RAINBOW, MEETING HERE TONIGHT, OL' HIGUE were recorded in the Brooklyn studio of Guyanese musician PHILIP NICHOLLS.  All others are from the original L.P or Ken's archives of live performances in the Caribbean.


Caribbean Voices 6
Marc Matthews and Friends

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eCaroh Price $15.95

Track Listing:

  1. Click here to play a sound clip! There Is A Meeting Here Tonight: Six O'clock Feeling
  2. Click here to play a sound clip! Rainbow
  3. 12.30 Is Life
  4. Click here to play a sound clip! Seawall
  5. Click here to play a sound clip! Mountain Say
  6. Dark Time
  7. Click here to play a sound clip! Ol' Higue
  8. Click here to play a sound clip! Breakfast Bruise
  9. Click here to play a sound clip! Nancy Vs. Tiger
  10. Click here to play a sound clip! Ritual
  11. Click here to play a sound clip! Portia Faces Life
  12. By Ba Hai Yah.
  13. Letter To England
  14. Lament Of The Banana Man
  15. Dear Mother


The re-release of MARC UP as a CD is as important as the release of the original LP in 1978. MARC UP captures the spirit of spoken word performances that flourished in the Caribbean in the wake of Carifesta I. The CD is also an important document of a milestone in Caribbean spoken word recordings.

MARC UP features ALL-AH-WE--Marc Matthews, Ken Corsbie, Henry Muttoo and Johnny Agard using poetry, songs, and prose to weave a fantastic word tapestry of Caribbean aspirations, frustrations and humor. They are accompanied in this venture by a roster of equally creative Caribbean musical talent including Ras "Camo" Williams, Eddie Hooper, Chuck Girard, Keith Waithe, and Lancelot Lane.

Ken Corsbie must be congratulated for making this valuable artifact available again. With the pops and hisses, this CD is a collector's delight. It is a bit of Caribbean history to be treasured.

Vibert Cambridge, Ohio University


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